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There have been over 17 million doses of the key ingredient in Glysom® used worldwide, making Glysom® an increasingly popular clinical option for those occasional sleeplessness.


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Sleeplessness affects people of all backgrounds and lifestyles. We are so happy to change people’s lives with something just as simple as a good night’s rest. Hear what our customers have said about Glysom®!

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Why Glysom?

Glysom is made from a specific amino acid called glycine. Like many amino acids, glycine is produced naturally in the body and can be found in many of the proteins we eat, such as fish, meat and beans. For those occasional sleeplessness, Glysom has been shown, through several clinical studies, to help improve sleep quality. Glysom can lead to a sounder, more satisfying sleep without any side-effects or morning drowsiness.*


Promotes sounder, more satisfying sleep for occasional sleeplessness*

No morning drowsiness

Can improve daytime performance for those with daytime sleepiness*

Has been proven to have high-level of safety and effectiveness

Natural Lemon Flavor and free of added sugar


What is "GOOD QUALITY" sleep?

During sleep, while our bodies rest and recharge, we cycle between two main types of sleep: rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (Non-REM). We cycle between these two types of sleep in a very controlled way. Healthy sleep is characterized by how well we cycle through each REM and Non-REM cycle. This is known as "sleep architecture". Individuals with poor sleep architecture often feel daytime fatique because they are unable to reach the deepest stage of Non-REM sleep.


Glysom is backed by years of reach and evidence


Get to Know Glysom

Rest assured. Glysom wants you to have peace of mind when using our product, and we are here to answer all of your common questions and concerns. Sleep is just one step away.

Glysom is recommended for persons who can’t sleep well, persons who cannot take time to sleep, persons who try to sleep well but still wake up fatigued, and persons who do not feel refreshed in the morning.
One stick pack per day, taken before going to bed, with or without water, etc. is recommended. (Or mix well with 4 ounces of water and drink completely)
Glysom has a slightly sweet lemony flavor. (does not contain lemon juice)
Glysom does not contain any allergen substances regulated by the FDA
Glysom is a food product with glycine, an amino acid, as its main component and can be taken every day without worry.
Please consult with your physician before you taking Glysom, since it is more important than usual to take in various nutrients in a balanced way during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
The sweet taste of Glysom comes from the amino acid “glycine”, which is its main ingredient. This is different from sugar, so it is difficult to be a source of tooth decay. However, if you are worried, rinsing your mouth is recommended.
One stick pack a day as recommended. Taking a larger amount of Glysom will not cure you nor improve your health.
Amino acids are essential nutritional component for life. Proteins, which are important nutrients for us, consist of various combinations of 20 different amino acids. In addition, amino acids are an important component in proteins which forms human body tissue, such as muscles and skin, and play an essential role in the living body.
Among the 20 kinds of amino acids, “glycine” is produced in the body. It is commonly found in food, and comparatively high amounts are contained in seafood, such as scallops and shrimp.
No, Glysom does not contain preservatives or artificial colors.
Basically, Glysom can be taken with other health foods or supplement, but taking this product alone is recommended.

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